This Aji verde is the most addictive spicy green sauce. This sauce is great on salads, tacos, and bowls. It’s also good with grilled meats, vegetables, and scrambled eggs.

Aji Verde, the spiciest green sauce, is made from cilantro, peppers, and queso fresco. It also contains mayo, lime, garlic, and mayo. This sauce is great on salads, tacos, bowls of vegetables, grilled meats, and scrambled egg hashbrowns.

Aji Verde: How to Make it

Place everything in a food processor or blender.

Here’s a lot of great stuff: jalapenos, cilantro, lime juice, mayonnaise, garlic and queso fresco.

Blend it Up

You can make it chunky or not! This one I like a smoother, more creamy sauce.

Done! Enjoy!

It’s great for tacos and bowls. You can also dip it into crackers, chips, veggies, or even salads. It’s irresistible.

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  • Two tablespoons of olive oil
  •  1/2 Mayo
  •  3 Ounces A little bit of queso fresco
  •  One jalapeno pepper. For a milder sauce, remove all the seeds and ribs. You can also use serrano peppers.
  •  One cilantro
  •  2 Cloves of You can also find out more about the following:
  •  Juice of the day 1 Lime
  •  A pinch of Salt Taste


  1. Blend all ingredients until they are smooth. I like it to drip off the spoon smoothly – no chunks, but just enough texture.
  2. You’re done! You can serve it with tacos, salads, or bowls. It’s incredible.

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