Super Crispy Rice Paper Chips are perfect for dipping into a Bowl (get it?) of creamy avocado dip. This recipe is a party!

This easy snack is made with only five ingredients and just 10 Minutes. We’ll show you the best way to dip chips!

The crispy rice paper chip and avocado dip were inspired by a similar recipe at a Japanese Mexican fusion restaurant named Manta. Two different cuisines inspire them, but they work beautifully together!

Let’s begin with the dip. In a processor, avocados, lime juice, and salt are combined to make a super simple dip that everyone can enjoy. (Okay, not avocado haters, but do you even know !?).? This party is perfect for vegans and those who are nut-free.

Next, it’s time to make the chips. The first step is to cut rice paper wrappers into quarters (the type commonly used for Vietnamese Spring Rolls). We then fry them in avocado oil, where they puff like magic right before your eyes.

After they puff up, remove them from the pan and sprinkle with cayenne pepper for heat and flavor.


1 1/2 medium-large ripe avocados (1 1/2 large avocados yield ~270 g diced)

1 Tbsp of lime juice

Sea salt, 1/4 to 1/2 tsp


Each rice paper wrapper measures 8 inches.

Avocado oil

Two pinches of sea salt

1 pinch cayenne pepper (optional)


Add the avocados, lime juice, and salt to a Food Processor (starting with a smaller amount). Process on high speed for 2 minutes until smooth and creamy. Scrape down the sides if necessary. As needed, taste and adjust. Add more lime juice or salt to enhance the overall flavor. Place the whipped avocado into a bowl and place in the refrigerator while you prepare your chips.

Using scissors, quarter each sheet of rice paper. Set aside.

Over medium heat, add a thin layer of avocado oil (1/8 inch) to a large skillet with a rim. Dip a corner from a sheet of rice paper into the hot oil to test its temperature. It should immediately bubble up and puff.

Add 1-2 pieces of rice paper to the pan at a time once the oil has heated. Cook for a couple of seconds until the rice paper is fully puffy. Transfer the rice paper to a baking sheet lined with paper towels. Repeat with the remaining rice paper sheets. After you have finished cooking, sprinkle with cayenne and salt (optional). Place the chips into a large bowl. Serve your chips with the avocado dip. Enjoy!

The dip and chips lose crispness after 24 hours.

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